This SAMPA website is under construction and will be coming very soon!

Who We Are

SAMPA is a Maldivian registered* not for profit, Non Governmental Organisation that exists to promote environmental protection and sustainable development of the South Ari atoll Marine Protected Area and the communities which border it.

Our work is targeted at two key areas;

1)      Participatory assistance to community led development projects, where outcomes benefit the community and the MPA

2)      Provide a resource for MPA decision makers and stakeholders by conducting biological, ecological and socio-economic studies

Our aim is to act as facilitators of positive change, by combining a thorough understanding of the areas in which we work with a network of resources and contacts.

Where We Work

The South Ari atoll Marine Protected Area (MPA) consists of a 42 km swathe of sea around the southern edge of South Ari atoll, Republic of Maldives.

Declared by the Maldivian government in June 2009, the MPA became the largest protected area in the Maldives. The area was selected for protection because of its importance as a globally significant aggregation site for the whale shark, Rhincodon typus. It is one of the only places on earth that these incredible animals can be seen all year round.

SAMPA: ‘Healthy Habitat, Healthy Community’

* Registration pending

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